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Reserva, second year of aging blend of Macabeo, Xarel·lo and Parellada only from the first press or soft pressed, being perfect for its aging.

Tasting Note:

Yellow lemon color, abundant medium sized bubble not aggressive with good intensity, fresh aromas of white fruits, it is a very tasty cava ideal for beginning of the meal with the appetizers also at the end of the meal accompanying the desserts, very refreshing.


2019 – 30% Macabeu / 30% Xarel·lo / 40% Parellada

2020 ORGANIC – 40% Macabeu / 30% Xarel·lo / 30% Parellada 

Reserva, second year of aging in bottle blend of Monastrell, Pinot Noir and in lesser quantity of Trepat.

Tasting notes:

Medium carbonic maceration that gives it an intense and shiny cherry color, a thin and light bubble, with a marked crown and good intensity of fruity aromas, pleasant to the palate, remembering in the mouth red fruits, pastry notes, creamy. A very personal cava great with rices, carpaccios and, of course, with desserts.


2019 – 40% Monastrell / 40% Pinot Noir / 20% Trepat

2020 ORGANIC – 50% Monastrell / 30% Pinot Noir / 20% Trepat

Gran Reserva, third year of aging in bottle with the traditional blend of Macabeo, Xarel·lo and Parellada, a very important part of the base wine is made with flower must to endure its long aging well without suffering oxidations.

Tasting Note:

Intense yellow, with a fine and constant bubble and with good carbonic integration. Good mouth pass with fruit and slight bitter ends. A very versatile cava marrying perfectly with appetizers, fish and meat, that is, a perfect cava from beginning to end of the meal.


2017 – 35% Macabeu / 40% Xarel·lo / 25% Parellada

2018 – 30% Macabeu / 40% Xarel·lo / 30% Parellada

2019 – 40% Macabeu / 40% Xarel·lo / 20% Parellada

Gran Reserva, blend of the varieties Macabeo, Xarel.lo and Parellada with a small part of the base wine of a previous year, this gives it a good body and a marked character.

Nota de cata:

Golden yellow color, clean and bright with fine bubbles well introduced to the wine due to its long aging. Notes of nuts especially the almond, it is a cava that marries perfectly with red meats, game and roasts or in the main dish of the meal.


2016 – 40% Macabeu / 40% Xarel·lo / 20% Parellada

2017 – 40% Macabeu / 40% Xarel·lo / 20% Parellada

2018 – 40% Macabeu / 50% Xarel·lo / 10% Parellada

Gran Reserva, made from flower must of the traditional verities Macabeu, Parellada and predominantly Xarel·lo to support its long aging.


In the tasting, we appreciate a golden yellow, clean and shiny with a fine bubble, constant rosary and a marked crown. Intense aromas of long aging with notes of brioche or pastry.Great mouth pass of good acidity, carbon dioxide and alcohol well integrated. Fruity notes of apple and melon with a long and persistent finish. This Cava is very recommendable to accompany delicatesen like foie, Iberian products, cheeses while enjoying a great cava.


2016 – 30% Macabeu / 55% Xarel·lo / 15% Parellada

2017 – 30% Macabeu / 50% Xarel·lo / 20% Parellada

2018 – 30% Macabeu / 60% Xarel·lo / 10% Parellada

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