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Trinxat of Jowl Bacon, Black Sausage and Cava!

Cooking in the Cava: Today we have prepared a Trinxat of Jowl Bacon, Black Sausage and Cava!

You have the instructions below, but you can also see them on vídeo! (English subs)

Cooking Time: 60 minutes

Ingredients: 1 Cabbage, 3 Eggs, 1 Black Sausage, 200 gr Jowl Bacon and Bacon, 1kg Monalisa Potato, 1 Figueres Onion, 2 Garlic Cloves, Merkén, Olive Oil, Black Pepper, Salt and Cava!

1) Cut the cabbage into thick julienne strips and put it to boil for about 10 minutes.

2) Slice the garlic and put it in a pot with oil at a low temperature. We will take the opportunity to clean the potatoes, cut the onion in brunoise, the bacon and the sausage into small cubes except for two slices of viada that we will leave in large slices to make it crispy.

3) Add the onion to the pot where we have the garlic, but let it remain separately, since we will be browning it and at the point that the garlic is golden enough we will separate it on an absorbent paper.

4) Once the cabbage is boiled, we remove it to a colander keeping the water in the pot and we will put the potatoes to boil in the same water. As for the cabbage, we will let it lose its water and we will help it by squashing it.

5) Once we have already removed the garlic, we will raise the heat a little and we will put the large cuts of bacon in the middle to make it crispy, we will turn them and remove them when they are.

6) At this point the onion will be quite golden and we will add the diced bacon and stir. Once the potatoes have boiled for 30 minutes and are done, remove them to cool, when they cool, peel them.

7) Add the black sausage and then the cava, let it evaporate and stir. Next, we will add the potatoes and crush them and incorporate them into the base. Then we do the same with the cabbage.

8) Add Salt, Pepper and Merkén to taste. When everything is well integrated we will make a hole for each diner and we will put an egg in it. We cover the pot and when we see that the egg has been cooked we plate it up.

It is ready to serve, Bon appetit!

We hope you liked the recipe and that you are encouraged to try making it, send us pictures!

Health and Cava!

Cook: Pere!         

Guifré – 26/01/2023

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